Posted Nov 18, 2010 in For Her


Spring’s Core Lesson

It was only probably that designers realize that microminis couldn’t get any minier and clothes couldn’t have any more cutouts, so I guess that we should have predicted that the midriff was going to make a comeback. As the new erogenous zone, spring collections have everyone showing slices of the tummy. I’m not talking about belly-button...

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Posted Sep 17, 2010

BANG by Marc Jacobs


Coincidentally, Sunday evening after sitting within earshot of Marc Jacobs at...

Posted Jul 30, 2010

Traditional Fashion Faux-Pas Turn Trendy


Fashion has always had its rules, and although we didn’t always agree, ...

Posted Jul 2, 2010



If there is one thing that I am always particular about, whether I am sitting...

Posted Jun 4, 2010

Green Beauty


As a sustainability student AND a fiend for fashion, I am constantly...

Posted May 7, 2010

Return of Spring/Summer Shoes


Aside from loving the floral jumpers and denim everything in the stores right...

Posted Apr 9, 2010

Side Braid


In the midst of millions of ballerina buns and topknots this season, the side...

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