Posted Jul 1, 2011 in Made in Canada


True Marriage

Last week Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government stated they would support legislation which will define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Stephen Harper stated in the Conservative campaign last April before the election  that he had no intention of opening such debate on same-sex marriage.  He lied. On that note, Stephen...

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Posted Jun 7, 2011

Thirty Three and Critical

Last week I celebrated my thirty-third birthday.  My mother always said...

Posted May 2, 2011

Kate Middleton has Flaws?


We all have them.  We are the common people and the “less-than-royal”. ...

Posted Apr 7, 2011

The Telephone.


Don’t worry, I’m not about to write another song about it.  It’s tired...

Posted Mar 10, 2011

Joanne David – What’s in My Kloset?


No one really cares or wants to know.  So I ask my friend Joanne, who...