Posted Nov 25, 2011 in Food

Baby It’s Cold Outside

So, the weather outside is getting frightful, and not all of us have a fire to find so delightful, however we all seem to have a stove, Let’s make SOUP! There is something ephemeral about soup, it transcends the conventions of  a set meal, it can be an entree, a main course, and in some funky universe, even a dessert. The fantastic thing about...

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Posted Nov 4, 2011

“Hop In”

The little things in life bring us the most pleasure, a perfectly chilled...

Posted Oct 7, 2011

Pasta All’amatriciana


So, if you’ve been following along our last three posts, you’ve probably...

Posted Sep 2, 2011

The Sauce: Unedited


Call it Gravy, call it pommodoro, call it whatever u want; at the end of the...

Posted Aug 5, 2011

Spaghetti alla Carbonara


Too many cooks spoil the broth; No truer words have ever been spoken. The idea...

Posted Jul 8, 2011

Simplicity – Funghi alla Trasteverina


Simplicity, simple isn’t it? In our daily lives we hunt, crave and seek out...