Posted Dec 4, 2011 in Cool Shit

The Comics Pimp – A New Breed

Are you suffering from fang fatigue? Everywhere you look, vampires are taking over all media. On TV, there is True Blood and the Vampire Diaries, and before making its way to the movies, Twilight invaded the bookstores. It’s only natural that Comics are also taking their shot at the ever-popular bloodsuckers. When I found the first collection of...

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Posted Nov 5, 2011

The Comics Pimp – Sweet Comic

Canadian writer/artist Jeff Lemire is most famous for his much-praised graphic...

Posted Oct 9, 2011

The Comics Pimp – The New 52, A Review


Exactly one month ago, DC Comics began the most ambitious experiment in comics....

Posted Sep 18, 2011

The Comics Pimp – Good or Evil?


There are few concepts in superhero comics more common than hero versus...

Posted Aug 14, 2011

The Comics Pimp – Fan Expo Survival Guide


Canada’s biggest comic book, sci-fi, fantasy, and all around geek-heaven...

Posted Jul 17, 2011

The Comics Pimp: The World’s Comics City


As a comics fan, I’ve often dreamed of a place where comics are given their...

Posted Jun 19, 2011

The Comics Pimp: DCnU the Future is Now


Arguably the biggest news to hit comics in history will happen in September,...

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