Posted May 25, 2010 in Accessories, For Both


Hats off to summer

Remember when Justin (Timberlake, not Beiber) brought SEXY back? Well he brought the fedora back too. It’s been a couple of years now and fedoras are still one of the must have accessories for summer. Obviously, we must trade in our wool and heavier versions for straw. I prefer the traditional camel straw with a black ribbon, as it is the...

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Posted May 18, 2010

A Star Studded Collection: Givenchy


There is a lot to be said when a heralded fashion house is able to come from...

Posted May 11, 2010

Merci Mr. Louboutin


I have always had a sweet tooth for the finer things in life, whether or not I...

Posted May 4, 2010

Late Night Meal Deal


Beyond my passion for fashion, if there is one other thing I am known for it...

Posted Apr 27, 2010

Paris Hilton & Denim


You might be saying to yourself  “oh no, another Paris Hilton branded...

Posted Apr 20, 2010

Should I or Shudy I


As you all know spring has finally arrived and that means its time to change...

Posted Apr 13, 2010

Tokyo Tuesday Trends


As I mentioned last week, the fashion in Tokyo was out of this world. I could...

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