Posted Nov 18, 2011 in GREEN Berets


Following the Digital Waste Trail…

In 2004, I dropped off a computer monitor, terminal and television at a warehouse that offered “free” e-waste recycling.  The warehouse seemed straight out of War of the Worlds, filled to the gills with used electronics.  Massive piles - disheveled, disorganized - flowed from the inside out onto the back driveway. I was young...

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Posted Oct 25, 2011

The Price of Comfort


“Witnesses described a scene from hell: charred bodies strewn around the...

Posted Oct 1, 2011

Digital Divide in an iPad World


I am back in school after working for seven years.   I feel a bit...

Posted Aug 27, 2011

Insight Timer for Meditation


There is nothing better than quiet meditation in the wee hours of the...

Posted Jul 30, 2011

Haunted by Trash Mummies

Trash pile in Manali, India

Ah, the blistering summer heat and its not-so-gentle reminder of life’s...

Posted Jul 2, 2011

My Quest to be Vegan (Without the Box)


A few months ago, I submitted a post to yourKloset about the benefits of...

Posted Jun 4, 2011

A (Mostly) Fluoride-Free Life


It’s that time of year again – spring trip to the dentist!  Come on,...

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