Posted Dec 22, 2011 in Arts

Saluting This Year’s Movies

For the past year I’ve been talking about movies with great visuals or ones with exceptionally complex characters. But here’s a super shortlist of three movies that stood out, that evokes something, that made me pay attention. The Tree of Life – I haven’t been keeping up with the erudite criticism about Terrence...

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Posted Dec 11, 2011 in Arts


Bite-Sized Book Review: On the Road

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, because today’s Bite-Sized Book Review is a classic! Maybe you’ve already read it, maybe you’ve loved it since you were an impressionable 15 year old who wanted nothing more than to hop in a car and just drive, and maybe you’ve been meaning to pick it up forever but never got around to it...

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Posted Dec 10, 2011 in Accessories

G-Shock X DEE and RICKY

G-shock recently released their latest watch; the GA110DR-1A collaboration with Dee and Ricky, the New York twin designer duo. 24 year old Dee and Ricky, 2 in a set of triplets (they have a sister who’s a student) were born and raised in NYC. Their love for the city and its rich arts and culture scene, inspired them to start an accessories...

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Posted Dec 9, 2011 in Music

BEHIND THE BEATS with Craig Pettigrew

Craig Pettigrew returns home to dish out a spicy taste of the upcoming BPM Playa del Carmen Electronic Music Festival. 1. How did your musical journey begin? I started listening to house music when I was 15 in Montreal when I stumbled across a college radio station and was sucked in right away, but the dj-ing started when I moved to Toronto...

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Posted Dec 9, 2011 in Fashion

Christmukah Looks for the Naughty and Nice

Christmukah is just around the corner so…let the gifting begin! Whether giving or receiving (or just buying for yourself), here are some great suggestions to keep it natural, glam it up and of course keep him entranced by the glimmer of your baubles and the twinkle in your eyes! Sweater: Denis Gagnon; Makeup:Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Mascara:...

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Posted Dec 8, 2011 in Kontests

CHRISTMUKAH Returns – 2011 Ed.

It’s that time of the year again… yourKloset is proud to announce the return of Christmukah! Back for its 3rd year, with more brands and amazing new giveaways, this holiday season is sure not to disappoint. Beginning on the 12th of December and carrying through till the 23rd, we promise you the 10 days will leave you ready for...

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