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Reel2Runway X yourKloset present: LG Toronto Fashi...

This runway season we, at yourKloset, teamed up with Runway Renee, an international fashion model from Toronto who, you may remember, we covered in a previous post, and the team of Reel2Runway to gain you VIP access to the amazing vibe that was Toronto Fashion Week. The magical moments and fantastic memories are all seen here, with cameos by...

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Help Preserve the Earth with Preserve Products

Are you ever looking for ways to decrease your plastic waste? Well now you can lessen your impact even more with Preserve recycled bathroom products such as razors, toothbrushes (not to mention their kitchen products and tableware!). Because Preserve uses recycled plastics instead of making it from scratch; they use a great deal less water, energy...

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How smart are your shades?

4iiii Innovations just released their new Sportiiiis device after a long development and extensive testing. This new gadget provides a heads-up display (HUD) to any pair of  sunglasses. Sportiiiis is built specifically for athletes (or aspiring athletes with money to spend). It’s hooked to your shades using universal attachment points...

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Quebec Triennial

The Quebec Triennial currently on display at the Musée d’Art Contemporain has lots on offer right now. With more than forty artists participating the show is a great and rewarding excuse to get out and see some art before the chills of winter turn us all into apartment-bound hibernators. For those days when you don’t feel like crawling out...

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The Price of Comfort

“Witnesses described a scene from hell: charred bodies strewn around the area and floating in a nearby river, where burning people had jumped into the water to extinguish flames.” – Kenya Gasoline Blast Kills at least 61, by Nicholas Soi and Robyn Dixon – Los Angeles Times (September 13, 2011). This article caught my attention. It...

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Whither the Public Art Domain?

Indeed.  Whither the role of public art and the space in which it is freely accessible to the public?  To what end does this domain reinforce the public consciousness surrounding art and its (higher) purpose? The public art space and public space are mostly interchangeable concepts with the latter occupying an historical canon of philosophical,...

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