Posted Sep 30, 2011 in Food


ModernHostess – Fall into Fall (Cooking)

It’s official; there’s a nip in the air, the leaves are transforming into those golden, signature colours,  and you suddenly find yourself craving warm, cozy food (and sweaters). Fall has arrived! I love cooking in the fall, because I love all the fresh, local produce that comes with the season. In my opinion, it’s also the best season for...

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Posted Sep 29, 2011 in Travel


Flight Attendants: Unspoken Heroes?

Trolley dolly, air mattress, sky waiters, all these names have been used to describe flight attendants. A laughing stock to a few, an envious career to many. All in all, the respect level towards flight attendants are at an all time low. In recent weeks Canadian news has been flooded with constant threats of a strike from different unions in a...

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Posted Sep 28, 2011 in Arts


Folkert de Jong & Katharina Grosse

Folkert de Jong is an Amsterdam based artist making intense figurative sculptures out of some of the most garish and untraditional materials, yet he uses them in the most informed, often painterly way that draws you into his nightmarish world. His materials of choice are industrially produced Styrofoam and pigmented polyurethane foam- both very...

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Posted Sep 27, 2011 in Made in Canada


Interview with Halifax designer, the Fabulous Amy ...

I had the chance to interview local Halifax designer, Amy Negus. Amy’s clothing has been showcased at numerous events throughout Halifax such as Atlantic Fashion Week to name one among others. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with her a little over a year ago when she put out a casting call. Unfortunately, I couldn’t model for her since...

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Posted Sep 26, 2011 in Food


Avesta Resto Café: A Turkish Delight

Nothing beats a cheap eat, and in Montreal, my number one recommendation for a gastronomic extravaganza on a budget is Avesta Resto Café located at 2077 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Here, you can eat a filling and scrump-didily-umptious meal for about $10. Constantly stationed in the window is the best advertisement for a restaurant that I’ve...

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Posted Sep 25, 2011 in Cool Shit


Just for Jokes (Part IV)

In RO, we laugh at death – that’s when we’re not crying or singing about it. And what better way to laugh at death than a story about two drunken ladies and diarrhea? (Or is that diarrhoea, hmmm….) Anyway, before I give it all away, here’s the story: Two married ladies decide to go out one night and to leave their...

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