Posted Aug 31, 2011 in Arts, Decor, Made in Canada


Getting Crafty

Looking for something truly original? Something one-of-a-kind that you’re guaranteed no one else will have? Look no farther than the Craft Council of British Columbia. I’ll admit, when I hear the word “craft” I don’t immediately get excited. Kitschy and homespun isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But the Craft...

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Posted Aug 30, 2011 in For Him


Gant. Traditional American Style Clothing with a E...

What started has a man’s trademark “G” stamp on every shirt’s button hem later became a cornerstone to the American sportswear. In 1949, in New Haven, Connecticut, Bernard Gant & his two sons, Marty & Elliot established GANT for those who wanted to get away from the “dress up” look after WWII & wanted a more casual, laid...

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Posted Aug 29, 2011 in Beauty & Grooming


I Thread Instead

Hair removal is a pain, both literally and figuratively. But, if you have sensitive skin, riding yourself of pesky stray facial hairs comes to a whole new level of annoying. I didn’t always have sensitive skin, but when I hit my teen years, I developed horrific acne on my face that even had cashiers at the grocery store giving me pity glances...

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Posted Aug 28, 2011 in Food


Skywhores Unite!!! Presents Munchin’ n ̵...

Sometimes vacations are just not possible. I’ve lucked out in the sense that I can travel to almost any location that holds interest to me and have a contact, a hook up, or just knowledge of. But the main part of a vacation for most is just kicking back alone or with friends, shooting the breeze and relaxing. If you can’t travel what...

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Posted Aug 27, 2011 in Cool Shit, Tech


Insight Timer for Meditation

There is nothing better than quiet meditation in the wee hours of the morning.   The sound of crickets, gentle morning breeze, and life-giving breath brings true peace.  But, let’s be honest – waking up for those wee hours is another story.   For me, there have been many more mornings spent with the snooze button than 30 minutes...

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Posted Aug 25, 2011 in Tech


Apple: No Jobs, Yes Jobs

  Ok, no more Steve Jobs @ Apple, but wait he’s now the director of the board so he’s still @ Apple… This just means that Jobs just changed job. It’s nice that they waited till later in the day, otherwise Apple stock would have lost a few points… Maybe more then a few! There’s nothing that Wall Street...

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