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Go Figure…

The unlikely pairing by DHC Gallery of  Belgian sculptor Berlinde De Bruyckere and American painter John Currin is shaping up to be one of this summers shows not to be missed. Currin paints the figure, usually women, using old masters techniques, however his provocative subjects are fetishized and look more like something out of a 50’s pin-up...

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Nigel Cabourn

Between 1967 & 1971, Nigel Cabourn was a student at Northumbria University in the north of England where he started his label against all advice given to him during his last year there. The cold, windy location of the University inspired him to become one of a few true outwear specialist. The cornerstone of each of his collections come from...

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Let’s be real here. Any northern city that suffers winter will state that summer in their city is like no other place. Montrealer’s have made this claim for many years due to the numerous outdoor festivals that take place (unfortunately in my backyard). However, Toronto as of late, has not been pulling punches. So no comparisons...

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My Quest to be Vegan (Without the Box)

A few months ago, I submitted a post to yourKloset about the benefits of veganism.  For health and environmental reasons, I’ve been attempting the switch to a vegan, or better yet, macrobiotic, diet for years – unsuccessfully.  The major hitch – dinner with friends.  It’s one thing if my dietary restrictions flowed from religious...

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True Marriage

Last week Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government stated they would support legislation which will define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Stephen Harper stated in the Conservative campaign last April before the election  that he had no intention of opening such debate on same-sex marriage.  He lied. On that note, Stephen...

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