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LOCALE: Fashion/ Community/ Art

I heart art and I’m especially gaga for shoes. How great is it that footwear boutique Locale carries my two loves! A new style-concept shop brought to you by the ALDO Group, the boutique celebrates fashion, the arts and community. Currently located at Rockland Center and Place Montreal Trust, a third location opened last month; the downtown...

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Beautiful People (Part 1)

Resorts out of season are creepy-ass places. Combine that with the cold North Atlantic, desolate cliffs, leafless trees at the end of May, and an overall sense of quiet abandonment and despair, to truly understand the wrist-slicing atmosphere of Percé, Gaspésie. I went over there on a trip with mom, because I needed to spend some time with...

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Please Do Not Litter

These past few weeks I’ve been traveling beautiful, intriguing, and sometimes unnerving, Eastern Europe. What I’ve been shocked to find is the amount of litter on the sides of roads and in green spaces around the city. However, it has occurred to me that this is not a habit of the locals but of the tourists! Among the most...

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Simplicity – Funghi alla Trasteverina

Simplicity, simple isn’t it? In our daily lives we hunt, crave and seek out new and innovative ways to simplify our lives. Can it be that our quest for constant simplification has indeed complicated our lives? Perhaps we’ve forgotten how to be simple? How to live without and still enjoy as if we had; I am not by any means suggesting a life of...

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The Fair: International Contemporary Art in Vancou...

An exciting new exposition for modern art was recently held in Vancouver.  For a city that has not traditionally held global status for hosting international art fairs The Fair: International Contemporary Art in Vancouver was a welcome addition to the burgeoning cultural landscape that is constantly supporting new ideas.  It answered the...

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Porn: What’s the big deal?

As a therapist, at least 70% of the calls I get for individual therapy are from men who struggle with porn addiction (which is why I’m starting a men’s group ).  By the time they decide to consult a sex therapist, their porn habit has taken over much of their lives, causes problems in their relationships, and is jeopardising their jobs.  So...

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