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The Comics Pimp: The World’s Comics City

As a comics fan, I’ve often dreamed of a place where comics are given their proper due. Until recently, I never thought such a place existed. Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and that long-thought mythical place where comics take life in its charming, slender streets. Brussels is certainly...

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For Canada Day and two days before Pride, what was more appropriate to watch than Jean-Marc Vallee’s C.R.A.Z.Y.? A Quebecois family does their duty to repopulate the earth, but obviously, the more children a family produces, the more chances they might be prodigal in the Biblical sense. C.R.A.Z.Y is a movie that tackes the generational...

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ModernHostess: Dear Salads, Step It Up!

I love salad. It may not be the most filling thing you can eat, but you certainly always feel good about eating it. It’s colourful, it’s nutritious, and I think Bart Simpson was wrong- you CAN win friends with salad. The thing I love most about salads is that there are basically no rules. You can do whatever you want! I usually start with a...

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Tony, Tony, Tony! A Phat Photographer in Halifax

This entry goes out to another pair of awesome photographers, diamonds in the rough on the eastern coast. Over the course of my modeling career, I’ve come across various brands of cameras and so far, I find I’ve always gotten the best results whilst shooting with Nikon. Yes, there’s that saying, it’s not about the tools you use, it’s how...

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Goddess of Babylon

If you love the idea of jetting off at a moment’s notice, of wandering beaches and bazaars, of living the bohemian life, then you’ll love Goddess of Babylon. Hailing from Australia, Goddess of Babylon perfectly mirrors the wanderlust experienced by it’s creator, Chantel Barber. An avid traveler, Barber combines leathers,...

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Giving Nautical the Nod, Without Going Overboard!

With everyone being beach-bound during the summer months, it’s no wonder that stripes, stars, and sails are on everyone’s mind, especially when they’re digging through their klosets. But sometimes, our nod to nautical ends in a sea-faring disaster: a woman going overboard!  To avoid wearing an outfit that looks like you’re about to jump...

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