Posted Jul 24, 2011 in Arts


Uptown Dutty Livity

I was driving down Goyer Street this one day in April, on my way to the studio for a long evening of hard work. I had Knue Era with me. I wanted to show him around, to make him a part of the process and introduce him to an experience that could make him grow as an artist, like it was making me grow. We dancehall cats tend to stick together ...

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Posted Jul 23, 2011 in GREEN Berets


Hang Your Clothes to Dry

One way to conserve your energy (and your clothes!) is to ditch your drying machine and opt to hang your clothes. Since it’s summer and in most cities are experiencing warmer weather you might want to whip out the ‘ol clothes rack and let the sun and air do their magic. Not drying your clothes in a machine also helps preserve fabrics and...

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Posted Jul 22, 2011 in Music



What’s better than a sick new summer mixtape? Try an accompanying music video featuring ravishing model Alex Papadapolous bedecked in scintillating LUV AJ digs. Known for hand crafted and unique grunge glamour accessory pieces such as body chains, head and hand pieces, the LUV AJ line has been around since 2005, inciting frenzies in their...

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Posted Jul 21, 2011 in All Things Sex


Is It Normal… SEX LIFE

“Is it normal?…” has to be the number one question I get from people.  “Is it normal” is usual followed by any number of sexual preferences, fantasies, genital functioning, etc, etc.  99.9% of the time the answer is a resounding YES.  The other .01% comes from the population of sociopaths, rapists, and pedophiles… So why the...

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Posted Jul 20, 2011 in Arts, For Both


Haute Couture: Relevant in Today’s World?

This past week in Paris, another Haute Couture season came to a close. And with it came the ever traditional questioning on the relevance of couture presentations as well as the perspective of the dying craft that has plague the presentations ever since names like Lacroix and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few decided or were forced to shut down...

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Posted Jul 19, 2011 in For Him



Established in Detroit, Michigan in 1889 by American Hamilton Carhartt, Carhartt has focused on creating the best possible active apparel for the working class. Now, for over 120 years, the company has been known for its rugged, innovative designs & exceptional standards in quality, durability & comfort. Since 1994, Carhartt has spread...

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