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Unfold & Ride! VELA Bikes

I am a practical man, I like things to be functional, affordable & of course look good. I constantly have to go from place to place in a small radius of the downtown Montreal core. I usually walked most places, because I hated moving my car from my spot, but that took too long, so I decided since its summer to look for a bike.  Montreal does...

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Posted May 30, 2011 in For Both, Kontests, Made in Canada


Jeanne Beker’s “Finding Myself in Fashion”

We should all adhere to the motto “Don’t be afraid, and never give up!” Quite fitting as I’ve adopted it from my idol, Canadian face of fashion, Jeanne Beker whom I’ve had the amazing opportunity to interview for the second time this year, thank you very much! Fortunately, the nerves were intact this time around. Looking gracious and...

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Posted May 29, 2011 in GREEN Berets


Plant a City Garden

This spring try and plant some flowers, some fruits and/or veggies, or herbs. In the city sometimes this can be a little tricky, as apartments obviously don’t have backyards. But don’t let this deter you! Many cities offer communal gardens, which residents can rent out for a small monthly fee. In Vancouver, there is a really nice one located...

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Posted May 28, 2011 in Cool Shit

The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

The number Three is very special.  Despite it being cliche, there’s something about that number that makes it a popular occurrence.  Examples include titles like “Three Little Pigs”, the saying “Third time’s the Charm”, and how a genie gives three wishes.  For that reason, I’ll be doing entries in set of three.  This...

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W Hotel Montreal & The Plateau Lounge Present...  yourKloset is proud to present, in association with the W Hotel Montreal & the Plateau Lounge, the first in a series of How to Cocktail Videos. Drink specialist and mixologist Draho Chytry, will teach us how to make some of the Plateau Lounge’s most popular cocktails. First up this week is...

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Posted May 26, 2011 in Tech


Get a Jolt of Adrenaline with Force Dynamics’ 401c...

“Wow” is a term we seldom use when talking about tech stuff, however, today it’s the only one that even begins to describe what was felt just a few hours ago and not very far away. We took a trip down, south of the border, into northern New York state, where the guys of Force Dynamics are making the virtual seem very real. If...

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