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Thrifting the night away

Have you ever had one of those days when you just wanted something new to wear out so you figured you would just go to H&M and try and find something for $20? I know I find myself doing that often, but in the end whatever I buy winds up at the back of my closet and I never wear it again. That’s why I love vintage shopping! I put...

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Posted Feb 22, 2011 in Accessories, For Him


SPIFFY 2011 from Head to Toe

The snow is starting to melt and the weather is slowly starting to creep out of the negative double digits, which means spring is soon upon us. It is time to put aside our heavy sweaters and boots for more colorful and less bulky items.  Here is a rundown of some staples you should stock up on. Head: Take a cue from Don Draper himself, and let...

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Posted Feb 21, 2011 in Beauty & Grooming


Refreshing Your Eyes – the Perfect Peepers

Yes, it’s the dead of winter.  But thankfully, you don’t need dead eyes to match the décor outside! Having perfect peepers can be a tall order, however, for many people at this time of year.  If you’re a student, you’re in the midst of studying for midterm exams and probably haven’t gotten much sleep.  If you’re working, either...

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You’ve got your rich and you’ve got your poor. Who cares about what level of income you have as long as you can spoil yourself in some way. CEO’s or housekeepers, we all need a break. The problem is where? The average getaway costs in the thousands and sets you back a few checks or doesn’t bother you at all. Well let’s forget about the...

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Posted Feb 19, 2011 in GREEN Berets


Invest in a Microfibre Cloth

Forego the paper towels and get yourself a microfiber cloth. This fabulous piece of technology helps clean and disinfect your home without the waste. Add a water, baking soda, and vinegar solution and you’re set! They are multi-purpose, in that they can soak up spills, shine your metals, and dust your furniture, plus many more uses! They are...

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Thanks to all who participated in THE H&M MAKEOVER CONTEST. There were plenty of entrants but there can only be one lucky winner. Congratulations to Bre King and thanks to all who participated. Compliments to our winner and remember to stay tuned for the video makeover live from the H&M Eaton Center in downtown Toronto, which will be...

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