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Valentine’s Gift Guide

February 14 a day for the big L. Be it if you are in holy matrimony, lusting in a fling or living la vida solo, here are some looks to love this Valentine’s season. FEMININE FROCKS 1.ASOS lace dress, $77.58 USD, 2. ISSA faux wrap dress, $535, 3. MOSAIK MONTREAL Robyn dress, $140, 4....

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Hot Paws ladies socks

Winter Rescue Pack

It was -27 degrees last week. Brrrr! Besides the bitter temperatures, Montreal is best known for a joie-de-vivre that is celebrated in a roster of year-round festivals. Enjoy the upcoming  La fête des Neiges de Montréal (Jan 22-Feb 6), High Lights Event (Feb 19) and Nuit Blanche à Montréal (Feb 26) by warming up to winter chill and staying...

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The Comics Pimp – Superheroes & Sexuality

Rarely has sexuality been explored in comics. Particularly in superhero comics, publishers have shied away from defining the sexuality of heroes, gay or straight. What changes have occurred have been recent, and in some cases, quite welcome. In 1999, DC Comics revealed that two members (Apollo and Midnighter), of a team of seven superheroes, were...

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FYC: Blue Valentine

The nominees for the Academy Awards were released last Tuesday as scheduled. Despite seeing  most of the films, I’m not good at predicting who will win. I often look at the Oscars, instead, to compare the real winners to the winners in my head. Supporting actor and actress: Christian Bale and Mila Kunis. Sub rate: .500. Foreign film: I...

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Modern Hostess: Fajita Fiesta!

Who doesn’t love fajitas?? They seem to be a very popular choice among most people I know. And why wouldn’t they be? Fajitas are fun, delicious, and satisfying and you get to choose how to fill yours up. But the best part about fajitas is how incredibly easy they are to make! I used to think that the only way to make delicious fajitas was by...

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S/he is so Cute/Pretty

19-year- old Serbian Australian model Andrej Pejic is taking the fashion world by storm. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this blue-eyed beauty is a “he”. Andrej Pejic About a week ago, I read his profile on the Dailybeast. Pejic, with his stunning female features and killer bone structure, is always mistaken for a girl.  In his...

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