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Nice People

New York was burning up like an Ebola patient. I’m a big fan of heat and can tolerate excess of said heat much easier than frost, but even I had to get in line with everyone else and curse at the malevolent summer spirits that had taken over the North East. Dispatches from Montreal assured me the situation was just as bad back home. I hoped...

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Posted Dec 25, 2010 in GREEN Berets


T’is the Season for Reducing Your Waste

This shopping season, when you’re taking advantage of all the awesome Boxing Day sales try and watch your disposable waste. I’m familiar with that rush you get when you feel like Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman, strutting your stuff with all those shopping bags, but that’s a whole lot of waste to serve such a short purpose. So this season,...

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Posted Dec 24, 2010 in Cool Shit


The Art of Dog

For us “average Joes,” there is something ego-caressing about being followed, doted upon, adored… Even if it is just by a dog. Let’s face it, dogs survive by sycophancy. Those “puppy eyes,” wagging tail, panting smile, eager greetings around every turn – all evolutionary traits to manipulate humans into protecting the little...

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Posted Dec 22, 2010 in GREEN Berets


The Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift

Christmas is just a few days away and about now everyone starts scrambling for the ideal gift.  BUT…fear not, if you are searching for an eco-friendly gift, below are some Canadian companies that specialize in eco-luxe presents. Happy Shopping! With  locations across Caanda, LUSH is the perfect place to pick up everything from soap to...

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Posted Dec 21, 2010 in For Both


Winter Uniform: Are Canada Goose jackets the new U...

They are warm, colorful, everyone has them, and not very flattering. By this description alone, you can see where I am drawing the parallels’ of Canada Goose jackets to UGGs. I’m not knocking either product because I do believe they serve their purpose but I must admit that I am astonished with how much of a phenomenon these jackets have...

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Introducing…Zoë B

A VINTAGE CHRISTMAS Over the holiday season the varying amounts of gifts to give & parties to attend can get pricey, so I’m here to talk to you a little bit about a cheaper alternative: Vintage shopping. There a lot of reasons I love vintage, but the most important ones are that it’s inexpensive AND it looks damn good. It’s...

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