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British ECO-FRIENDLY fashion

These past few days have been completely surreal.  Sunday was spent in Manchester with fellow rock enthusiasts watching the Golden God of Rock, Mr. Robert Plant, perform live to a sold-out, leather and Wrangler clad audience. This magnificent moment was only to be matched by today’s So Selfridges Awards at BAFTA (British Academy of Film and...

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The Comics Pimp – Of Mice and Comics

Some of the smallest mammals in the animal kingdom have made a big splash in the past few years. Mice are featured in two of comics’ hottest books. The first, The Mouse Guard by David Peterson, tells a rich tale of a corps of mice soldiers whose job it is to protect their fellow mice from predators. Considering the size of mice, that means a...

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Birthday Movie: Pan’s Labyrinth

My birthday was a week and half ago. My birthday movie this year is technically Master and Commander, and yet again, I couldn’t last after the amputation scene. Speaking of which, there’s an amputation scene in Pan’s Labyrinth too. Unless the movie’s a samurai or martial arts movie, amputation really needs to stop happening...

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Paris: Top 5 Myths

Paris is perhaps one of the world’s most negatively stereotyped capitals in terms of its image and the French. Yet it rakes in an estimated 45 million tourists annually, making this iconic city one of the most popular destinations. Despite its beauty and classical influence, the anticipation of my first trip to Paris had me preoccupied with...

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No Sleep ‘Til…Toronto? Why Toronto is the new Broo...

New York has long been the producer of leading alternative bands such as Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, and The Strokes… Need I say more? However, the last couple of years have revealed a new scene germinating in Brooklyn. The bands that were playing shows at Union Pool instead of Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom created a zeitgeist that...

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Weezy is back!!! No he’s not out of jail, and with the latest rumor going around that he was sent to solitary confinement aka The Hole because he was caught with earphones and an MP3 charger, (good job!!!) the chances of him getting out early are most likely slim to none. But like I said the man is back, at least musically that is, with his...

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