Posted Nov 24, 2010 in Tech


Can’t touch this CAR! The Cobra’s iRad...

“See you later Mr. Policeman with your laser gun and your radar trap!!!” There’s little that is more infuriating then getting a speeding ticket when you were just accelerating to pass an unsafe driver or a slow moving granny, when you normally drive just at the speed limit or little above. The guys at Cobra have been building...

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Obviously the plastic problem in the world’s oceans is an immense issue — that Texas-sized “floating island” of plastic in the middle of the Pacific is no myth. It’s a gigantic polyethylene polymer middle finger to Earth, and we just keep making more plastic — cos Gatorade Arctic Freez is so damn delicious! Electrolux is aiming to put...

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Posted Nov 23, 2010 in For Him


Turtle, Turtle!

Ok! This post may not have that unanimous agreement on whether it is a necessity or a trend to follow, but I believe that a turtleneck can be a good addition to your wardrobe, especially for the fall/winter season. Also seen as the anti-tie & a smart form of dress for those who rejected formal wear, the turtleneck shows a slight growth in...

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Posted Nov 22, 2010 in Fashion, For Her, Kontests, Made in Canada, Shoes


Cougar’s rocking rain boots GIVEAWAY

“Rain, rain, here to stay, come again everyday”! Okay so the rhyme doesn’t go as such, but you’ll be looking forward to cloudy skies if you were strutting around in these rain boot beauties. The makers of Cougar, a Canadian family-owned company, have revamped their footwear collection with a line of stylish winter and rain...

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Posted Nov 22, 2010 in For Her, Made in Canada


Simple Luxury….Obakki Spring/Summer ‘11

Waiting for the new Obakki Collection I always expect softness, simplicity and luxury done in a very effortless manner. S/S 11 was no different. Obakki shows tend to draw the crème de la crème of the fashion industry. Its pure eye candy filled with trend setters showcasing buckled wedges, cool buns and ensembles that should be featured on...

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Posted Nov 21, 2010 in Travel



Once referred to as Formosa, which means beautiful island, by past Portuguese “tourists,” one can totally understand Taiwan’s old name by taking a drive around the whole island. Being such a small island, if driven straight through the journey could be done in a day. If you’re looking for an educational trip full of history and untold...

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