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The Guy Over There (part 1)

It’s Saturday afternoon, and we’ve been at the community center for at least two hours. I know the place well, since I spent most of early 2009 covering this neighborhood. The block is virtually unchanged. The half-demolished railroad overpass is still there, next to the center, right in the dead end where St-Roch comes to a halt in front of...

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The Nuvaring®

For those women (or partners of those) who are currently using the birth control as a form of contraception should be aware of the effects that they have on the environment. The synthesized estrogen, because it enters the bloodstream seeps into the water we drink and catch our seafood from. Recent studies show that this increase of estrogen in...

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Shopping TIPS for the CHEAP Students

Let’s face it, we students are on a budget. Every semester we buy expensive books that end up collecting dust. We pay for overpriced university courses that we barely attend (shhh!!! some of us do). The worst among us spend one quarter of our hard earn money on liquor. It’s hard to be chic and stingy at the same time…or is...

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October Beats

These last couple months have been amazing, sooooo much good music coming out…. Here are a few things that stand out to me. If you haven’t heard of Kendrick Lamar yet, do yourself a favor and check out his new project called O.D. (Overly Dedicated), available on iTunes for $5.99 or for free download for you cheap or broke people,...

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I noticed recently that a lot of people have problems with in-between weather. They end up wearing their heavy winter jackets at minus 5, c’mon now!  There are some good quality jackets on the market right now that can keep you warm & trendy. Here are a few: The Quilted Jacket - Made of two layers of cloth filled with padding held in...

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Posted Oct 27, 2010 in Tech


How did the TECH Bug get You??

Hmmmmm… It was some time ago… Yet, do you remember your first computer? Wasn’t it just a wonderful piece of magic? Did you know how it worked? It didn’t matter at the time; all that mattered was that you could race home from school before your parents got home and play a few good rounds of space invaders or pong. If you...

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