Posted Aug 31, 2010 in Beauty & Grooming, For Her


Pure Nail Bar: A Manicure of Luxury

I have to admit that for me the idea of getting a manicure usually spells complete boredom. Sitting in that chair for an hour, getting my nails filed, painted.. It all seems like an eternity. If I could at least read a magazine; but how in the hell can I flip the page when every two seconds I’m being asked to “please soak your...

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Posted Aug 30, 2010 in For Both, Made in Canada


Siyon – Stand In Your Own Nation

Founded this past year by Rwandan refugee Eric Mazimpaka and Vancouver Islander Kevin Parks, Siyon Studios is a new multimedia venture driven by a profound passion for individuality and inspired by social and political events. Eric Mazimpaka first moved to Canada in 1996 after escaping the Rwanda Genocide. He found himself in a new, free, and...

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Posted Aug 29, 2010 in All Things Sex, Arts


The Swan of Amsterdam

She was wearing a green bathing suit, she had black hair and fair skin, and a beautiful face. She looked like I might have imported her from Bucharest. With swan-like grace, she was enticing some young, shy, innocent-looking sailors to come inside and join her. A bit to the right, her door also open, stood a woman who was less beautiful but...

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Posted Aug 28, 2010 in GREEN Berets


Sustainable School Supplies

Sustainable living needs to start with our younger generations, so create a good example for them and help them live a zero-garbage lifestyle. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your children for school supplies, think sustainable, recycled, and organic! By doing so you and yours can produce less waste and prevent harmful chemicals and...

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Andrew Bird for Yellow Bird Project

Our good friends over at the Yellow Bird Project just announced the release of their new Andrew Bird designed tee. Drawing inspiration from “a run-in with a peacock outside of his barn while on his way out for a bike ride,” the multi-instrumentalist from Chicago has used his creative skills to come up with this one of a kind design....

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Posted Aug 26, 2010 in Music


Rick Ross: Teflon Don

After his highly publicized and long anticipated 2009 album Deeper Than Rap failed to empress the masses, Rick Ross aims to quiet the skeptics with his latest album entitled Teflon Don. Unlike his last album where he focused mainly on beefs, and only delivered a few memorable songs like “Mafia Music”, “Usual Suspects”, and “Valley Of...

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