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Shane N

HIP HOP – March releases

Lots of new Hip Hop releases in March 2010. Here is what I would suggest checking out. - Underground legend, Devin The Dude, is dropping his new album “Do Not DistHerb (Suite #420 EP)”  March 16th. Being released March 23rd on Duck Down records (one of the few record labels staying true to REAL hip hop) is Marco Polo & Ruste...

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The Rebirth of the Motorcycle Jacket

To be part of the big leagues for spring 2010, recommends the modern biker look.  It’s sophisticated, tough, and yes, you might resemble a Hell’s Angel, but, hey! Who cares? Lol! With the motorcycle jacket, which is also a trend for fall 2010, you get the chance to live on the wild side. Well, almost! Bringing back the early...

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Posted Mar 17, 2010 in Tech

Gesture Cube

Just give me a SIGN – Gesture Cube

Ever wished you could change the TV channel or skip to the next song while your hands were dirty? No more smudge marks on your screens with the Gesture Cube. With a wave of your hand, access music, surf the web, or browse pictures of family and friends. “GestIC”, the technology behind the Cube, was developed by a group of German-based...

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The Works Schmidt, Bernatchez, Martineau, York

My own interests are primarily in sculpture and I often write about that, so this month I want to focus on something different. This whole train of thought started last week when I saw a Kevin Schmidt video called Wild Signals at the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery in Montreal. I find it takes a certain frame of mind to enjoy video pieces in a...

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Free Weezy

FREEZY T Shirt Giveaway

Our good friend Chris is a Liar of Truth of a Liar recently dropped this limited edition “FREEZY” tee on his site. Being the generous guy he is, Chris decided to give one away to a lucky reader. Chris and his man Drop put together the tees based on the fact that one of the worlds biggest rappers has just been sent to do some...

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Nom de Guerre

Combat Cool

One of my friends was looking for a suit and asked me to join him on the hunt (which, ironically, is the last thing I can help someone with). We went through a couple of stores and then had a conversation about their wares. He said it best: “Everything that is big now was big when we were in grade seven.” And he is dead on.  One of the...

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