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Get the Look: Cover Girl

Recently, I was given a few new products to play with by Cover Girl.  I did a little test drive on Korey, one of my favorite Specs models, with photographer, Nico Stinghe.  I have to say that one of the best new products to be developed is the Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector.  This product is amazing for full coverage, good...

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Warby Parker GIVEAWAY

There isn’t much I can say that the amazing Brian hasn’t already said. Low cost stylish eyewear frames? Yeah, I know I just re-caught your attention. Warby Parker was started by four dudes with one thing in mind: creating some handsome-looking frames that don’t blow a hole in your wallet. These guys are my new friends. All of their...

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SkyWhores UNITE!!! The Demise of House Music I’ll be  going to Miami for the 2010 Winter Music Conference. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this trip. Absolute stress is ruining me and I need to get my life back! However, though my preference is house music and I’ll be reporting on the house events this year. I can’t help...

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We Now Return to your Regularly Scheduled Progammi...

Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar wins were crazy, right? And no, I’m not gonna stop talking about that until Hollywood or a North American director gives me something better. I actually wanna start talking about resident sketch artist Roman Polanski and his new film “Ghost Writer,” which has been out for a week or two now. It won...

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And the WINNER is…

Congratulations to Wood Alexander Brownlow for winning the Lightbeam Jacket from Nau. Wood was able to come up with the best original story about being caught in the rain. Below is his winning submission: “During the summers I work as a Horseback Riding Instructor/Wrangler at a camp for kids located near Colorado’s Rocky Mountain...

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Drew Picture

Fashion Awards Countdown

I know what you’re thinking… another post about this year’s awards season dresses. It’s a little late, but come on now, it’s every little aspiring fashionista’s DREAM to get the chance to write about the fashion Mecca that is awards season. I look forward to those red carpets rolling out with an anticipation similar to that of a...

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