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Camden Road

SKYWHORES UNITE!!! Presents London Calling

I remember traveling to London at the drop of a dime. There was nothing to it: Book your ticket, call up a friend, book a hotel, and jump on a flight and party to your heart’s content. This time was a little different. A subtle fear gripped me. If you haven’t noticed, the world’s going to hell. Tsunamis in Southeast Asia, hurricanes...

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Nuit Blanche.

La Nuit Blanche

This past weekend, the 7th edition of the Nuit blanche à Montréal went off with live performances, music, exhibitions and designs that cast their spell over the city. With attractions and events, including a winter fairyland in the Place des Festivals and a redesigned “Underground City” featuring the artistic corridors of Art...

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Sleep Jacket

Practical Winter Wear

Designer Lin Tsui-Wei is pushing the envelope of practical wear with the new Sleeping Coat, it’s a sleeping bag, a small mattress and a windbreaker. The coat is made of lightweight waterproof material with pockets that can be inflated to create a sleeping bad. The bottom part becomes a mattress after being detached from the coat top. For...

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Street Style.

Fashion Faceoff

This month I (Steph) took a little vacay to England to escape the bitter cold (err or not), drink some pints, and snap some shots of the lovely locals! FACT: The Brits are COOL -too cool- and it’s not just the accent. Brit street style is all about effortless mixing and matching. Accessorizing is a must. To the extreme. Loud necklaces,...

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Filippa K Potrait


Founded back in 1993 by Swedish creative director Filippa Knutsson and her partners Patrik Kihlborg & Karin Segerblom, FILIPPA K was created to bring sophistication & simplicity to contemporary fashion. With their first collection, which consisted only of women’s clothing, the brand gained major attention and in 1998, the FILIPPA K man...

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Underwater Magic

Looking outside you wouldn’t say summer is just around the corner and it doesn’t have to be. Just a few flying hours away the tropical waters of the Caribbean can offer sanctuary to any and all winter refugees. For the last few years the packing list for all our southern vacations has always included an underwater disposable camera...

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