Posted May 18, 2009 in For Both, yK Stuff

Rad Retailers! Top 10 Crème de la Crème Pt. 1

Just as the title says, here are a few retailers who have all you need, at all price points.  Now for some of you, these maybe no brainers but you would be surprised how many times I am asked by even the most hip of fashionistas, “Where should I go to buy..?”  Of course once I respond, I am quickly cut-off by an “Oh Yeah!” Well now,...

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Posted May 17, 2009 in Decor

The Mid Summer Shuffle

July 1st in Montreal is synonymous with moving day, it’s a province wide tradition to distract from any hint of an attempt at Canadian patriotism on the streets of our Belle Province.  This city’s largely a University town, so if you’re living here it’s likely that once again this summer on this fateful day you’ll find yourself either...

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Posted May 16, 2009 in All Things Sex

Getting Sex(y) Saturdays w/Josh B

Joshua Brown: Massage Therapist/Personal Trainer/DJ So you want to incorporate a good massage into your foreplay?  Well slapping and tugging (unless that is part of your ritual) never relaxed anyone.  We sought out the advice of a professional masseur to help get you “pointed” in the right direction. Tony for yourKloset: What brought...

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Posted May 15, 2009 in Hot Spots


McGill University (Canada)

At McGill, we definitely do have a little something for everyone. We have the skinny jeans with ballerina flats, the hemp hippy wearers, the AA patent leggings with leather coats, the funny foreigners, and the-whatever-is-lying-around students. There is no shortage of individuality or uniqueness on our campus, because everyone has an opinion,...

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Posted May 15, 2009 in For Her

If I Was a Boy…

So you’re probably fresh out of university, unemployed and/or on the route to employment and stressed out about office attire. Well maybe you aren’t, but I promise this feature could still apply to you too! Unless you’re one of those geniuses who have found a way to delay employment for as long as possible while maintaining your parents...

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Posted May 14, 2009 in For Her

Don’t get your undies in a bunch!  No, really! Part 2

Don’t get your undies in a bunch! No, really! Par...

OK ladies now it’s your turn!  Although most of you females are much more aware of this most notorious of faux-pas’, why is it that you still continue to break this rule?  It is not sexy when your jeans are lower than your waistband or that your “granny panties” are riding up under the pocket of your hottest pair of designer denim. ...

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