Posted May 23, 2009 in All Things Sex, For Both

Naked and Famous Denim

The best for less. Naked and Famous is here to provide us all with the quality and excellence we look for in a premium jean without making us empty our piggy banks to get it. This week, Brandon Svarc of Naked and Famous fame sits down with yourKloset to discuss style, sexiness and what sets N&F apart in the always overcrowded world of...

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Posted May 22, 2009 in Hot Spots


RMIT University (Australia)- Brunswick Campus Here...

RMIT’s school of fashion and textiles is the hub for fabric production in Melbourne’s uni-land so you’ll normally find the students tucked a way behind a loom, or battling with a giant ball of yarn. On the odd occasion where we get a chance to step outside the studios, one quickly notices the abundance of females that are out in strong...

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Posted May 22, 2009 in Eco & Vintage, For Her

Back 2 Now

In the midst of a recession, vintage shopping seems to be the most desirable way to shop. This week I am predominately profiling Value Village. Their are Value Village’s all over North America with incredible and cheap second hand and vintage clothing. If you’ve got the creative eye and patience, Value Village is the place to go. Keep in mind...

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Posted May 21, 2009 in For Both

True to Blue

Picture this: two girls fighting in a Laundromat over jeans! Yes I said it…jeans! You find that hard to believe? If it’s any of this season’s picks, I’d snatch a chick up too. Fit, fit and I’ll say it again, fit, is oh the rage nowadays and let’s face it honey, no one needs to see if your choice of undwear is lace, cotton or non...

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Posted May 20, 2009 in For Him

Drop & Give me 20

Since moving out to Los Angeles, I have decided to change up my style a bit and try some new and outlandish things. The first thing I added to my closet was multiple varieties of the drop crotch pant. Basically the crotch falls down to your knees and looks baggy but the bottom half is tapered, some people refer to them as harem or diaper...

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Posted May 19, 2009 in Tech

10 Things To Do When You’re Bored

Let’s face it, work gets pretty lame. School work, studying, office work, part-time burger flipping work, all of it. It gets really, really boring. So here’s a list of sites you can visit (other than this one, of course!) when you get bored. Please keep in mind, this list is in no particular order… Drew Curtis’...

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